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Jump In Jump Out

About my Single 

My name is Maud Gardner and this is my single titled Jump In Jump Out. I am a Hip Hip/ Rap Artist and producer. What Influenced me most is the 80/90s style of Hip Hop/Rap and R&b. I love up the up tempo drum patterns that immediately get you out your seat and make you want to dance similar to artist like Uncle Luke or K.P Envyi on the song Swing My Way. What makes me different is my voice and the way I put together lyrical patterns and my ability to produce my own vibes.  


The metering used in this track is 4/4 simple meter at 145 BPM. The Bass track includes an Electric Attitude Bass. For the Drum pattern I used a SoCal Drum kit for a nice live sound on the intro, then switched to an Electronic Above and Beyond drum kit to switch up the sound to that drum pattern I love. Included with the drums is a a ES-P sampler I created to have a white noise or an eagle screeching effect.



This composition is in the Key of C. 

Chords patterns included in the fist half of this composition are C, Dm, Am, G. The second half of the composition includes Am, F, and G inverted chords.

The melody motif includes notes C,E, A, F &G. The second melody includes   notes E, C,and A. 

Rhythmic elements include a Haunted Castle style Keyboard on the main harmony, an ES-E Sampler track I created to back the secondary harmony, , a Dynamic string Ensemble for a nice background to the harmony, and an African Kalimba for the main melody. This track includes 2 separate melodies at different timeframes of the track. I particularly chose this sound for the unexpected. It start off as a pop song, then trap drums are added, then the whole drum section changes into an electronic trap style rhythm with modern lyrics to finish it off. 


As mentioned before I used a few sampler tracks including sounds I created with an ES-P and ES-E sampler. Along with this are the vocals. To pull the unexpected together I used an energetic rap style and carefully selected topic and lyrics. The beat itself makes you wonder what is about to be said next, then when the beat drops there’s just an explosion of energy. There is a main verse, verse adlibs,  Chorus, Chorus back up, and Chorus adlibs. There is an additional female artist on the chorus.



For Dynamic and time based process, I used EQ on all of the vocals as well as most of the instruments. Compression was used on all vocals as well as the, snare, clap, percussion loop, all of the electronic drum kit instruments, the and the bass. I also used a noise gate on all vocals. To add saturation I used a VOX plugin where I was also able to added some de’essing. 

Time based effects used were Chroma reverb which broke down into drum reverb, which was used for Kick drum, Toms, and ES-P sampler, and Vox reverb which was used for the main vocal as well as chorus backup, and chorus adlibs. I also created a Delay bus which was used for the verse adlibs chorus backup, and chorus adlibs.

I panned my drums left and right to give a realistic feel to how the instruments are placed on a real drum set. I panned all instruments throughout to balance the sounds out. Only the 2nd kick and main verse are completely centered.  

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Maud Gardner

Big Steppers

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