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My Story

Years of Dedication to Perfecting My Craft

Long before I learned what it takes to be a successful Music Producer, I had a passion for well-produced music. As a kid, I gravitated toward records that made me feel like I was in the room with the artists.

Since officially beginning my career in 2000, I have strived to produce music with that true, immersive sound. When you are recording on multiple microphones simultaneously, making sure that rhythms and harmonies fall in just the right place, you need to be on top of your game. Running a structured studio session is hard work, but I love every minute of it.



Recognizing My Contributions as Music Producer

OnWax nomination: Best Film Score
OnWax nomination: Best Country Album
OnWax nomination: Best Rock Album
6x Emerald certification: Jed Overby, “Six Strings”
5x Titanium certification: The Mad Chemists “Snooze Button”

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